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F1 has become such an important thing to me in such a short period of time. It consumes so much of life right now, where I now consider it as my passion. I can easily spend all day reading articles and posts related to F1 or watching videos and highlights of previous races in the past years. It is a fairly new passion of mine as I have now been so involved in this sport in my own way for almost two years, yet to me, it feels like I have been following F1 for many years now.

My name is Marco Gimeno. I'm currently 17 and entering my senior year of high school. F1 found its way into my life at such an awkward yet convenient time for me. When COVID-19 had its first breakout, it caught everyone off guard. All of a sudden we were all forced to stay home, we were separated from some of the people we care most about, and we all had no choice but to listen to what the government was telling us to do. It was scary for some, awkward for others, even helpful for a few, but the one thing that everyone can relate to is that emotions ran high.

About two weeks into the lockdown, I had created a habit of watching one movie per night with my brother. We had a list of movies that we wanted to get through, and we were curious to see how many movies we would have to watch until the lockdown was over. One night, we watched the movie "Rush", a biographical film about the Hunt-Lauda rivalry. I had already seen the movie many times, but I couldn't help but watch it once more, knowing that I would have all this free time during the lockdown. For those who have seen this film before, you would know that the movie tells the story of two F1 drivers and their rivalry in the sport. Niki Lauda, one of the most memorable drivers in F1 history, survived a horrible crash at the 1976 German Grand Prix, almost dying after inhaling toxic fumes from his burning car and suffering severe burns. Even though I had already seen this movie so many times, for some reason, this time was different. It triggered an interest in me towards the sport. I all of a sudden found myself doing research about F1 and its history. In my research, I found that there was a Netflix series about the current F1 seasons. I turned on the TV that night and started the series "Drive to Survive". My brother and I's newly created habit no longer only included movies. We binge-watched that show for the next few days and finished it very quickly.

From that point on, I fell in love with everything about the sport. As my research continued, whether it consisted of watching videos or reading articles, there wasn't a single thing about it that I wasn't interested in. The pandemic affected the 2020 F1 season, as the start of the season was put on hold by the FIA until they could find a time and the right countries that were willing to host the races, and given the circumstances at that time, F1 fans were bracing themselves for the possibility that there would be no races, no championship battles, no drama, nothing for the 2020 F1 season. As summer came around, and the world slowly started to come back to life after the first lockdown, the FIA released a provisional calendar that would allow F1 to complete a full season in 2020. This season was shorter than normal, but nobody could complain because somehow, F1 was going to race in 2020. I very quickly learned everything about the F1 grid and all of each of the drivers' histories in motorsport. I had a favorite driver already, so I knew to keep an eye on him when the season would start back up mid-summer. I knew who to watch, what battles to look for between both teams and drivers, and the differences in the cars' performances. I was so excited for the season to finally begin. From the day the first race weekend began in July, I didn't miss a single qualifying session or race for the rest of the season.

To catch you up, F1 is in the middle of its 2021 summer break now, and I have decided to start writing again. I originally created this blog in October of 2020, as a way of informing people about the F1 world in great detail. I had over 20 posts on my blog about each F1 team and each circuit that would be used during the 2020 season. I wrote intensely for about two weeks and then stopped. I decided to switch to an Instagram account, where I could connect with people just as involved in the sport as I was. I would posts so many times per week for a few months that I tired myself out. I eventually stopped posting there as well. I have decided to come back and start again, but with a different take on how I want to express my passion for the sport and share it with others. I have decided to continue this blog and continue my Instagram account but in a less intense way. I want to change the way I express my interest in this sport to a way where I can simply share my thoughts and opinions. The idea of a blog has stuck though because I like writing. I find that I express myself better in writing when I talk about something I am passionate about. I see this as an opportunity to share my passion and log my thoughts, whether people read my entries or not, it is a way for me to let out my thoughts and blow off steam as well. I write with the hopes that I can introduce others to F1, as well as tell a story about how an interest of mine slowly consumed my life. F1 has helped me when I needed to be distracted from stressful situations. To me, it feels like the first time I have truly found a passion that I know will stick with me for a long time. I struggled to find a passion growing up. I always had little interests that lasted for a few months or a few years, so I am grateful to have found F1, especially at a time like this where emotions run high whether it's because our world is trying to get through a global pandemic, or whether it's because high school can be stressful.

To me, every day is race day.

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